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Pressure Cooker

I've heard people say " I can't afford to have children right now. I have to get a better job and start saving some money. And I need to be more settled. " The truth is, there will never be a time when you believe you are completely 'ready.' After all, parenting doesn't come with a handbook or a checklist that tells you the things to look for and to prepare for. Every experience is different. Every child is different. Every approach is different. Parenting my twin daughters helped me to hone in on this. The process reminds me of a pressure cooker. And boy am I thankful for my pressure cooker. It changed my life and ... One key about the pressure cooker is its design. By design, the pressure cooker seals itself, forcing steam and liquid into the foods. The items within the pressure cooker are able to start out raw and unprepared but after a short amount of time, the items are fully cooked and ready for consumption. The pressure cooker creates a c

The Washing Machine

I can’t imagine existing without a washing machine. It’s a necessity for me. You already know, but a washing machine is a cleansing agent. We use it regularly to get rid of the dirt and grime off of our precious items. Our clothes. Our undergarments. Maybe even our muddy shoes. In its best condition, a washing machine restores things back to its original state. It refreshes scents and replenishes shape. In this same way, my giving birth to my oldest daughter, who is also my first-born child, was a cleansing agent for me. She cleansed me from my past. When she came along, I had an opportunity to turn away from past behaviors. I had a chance to close the lid on a few things. As you know, that's important when operating a washing machine. Top loading machines only function properly when the lid is down. Think about it...when you open a washing machine during the spin cycle, it immediately stops. When you run a washing machine without the lid being shut, the agitato

Find Your Inner Spartan

Have you ever watched a movie or tv show and found a scene that completely grabbed you? Something that took you to a place of desire, admiration, or ambition? The singer’s voice. The dancer’s grace. The nice home. The strength in the stunts or obstacles. The corporate position. The happy marriage. The faith-filled mother. The present father. I’ve seen and felt it all. One day, I got tired of imagining. I wanted to do. I wanted to feel. I wanted to experience. At least two times during the race, I heard people say “ …and, to think, we paid for this ?” Yep! Sure did! Whether a Spartan spent eight hours volunteering or the minimum $149 to touch the course, we paid a price. We also agreed to pay the insurance, and transportation, and parking, and maybe even other travel expenses. But what do we get for it? A medal. A t-shirt. A free beer.           We also got muscle cramps. Lots of bruises. Body aches for days.                                The ultimate question: IS IT W