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Strength & Courage

"God sees you!"

This is what I would tell my younger self. Many times, I have seen posts and inquiries about writing a letter to my younger self. Each time I wondered what I would say. I felt silenced and confused and could not come up with anything to share. Then one day, it hit me. I After years of feeling invisible, I am beginning to experience the truth of who I am. I am beginning to see that I was created and purposed for something greater than what I can even imagine.

Why did it take so long?! I have yet to understand that. However, I am glad for the revelation. 

It was in my moments of invisibility that I was searching for a light that was already there. I was Lost. Reckless. Impulsive. I made many decisions that were contrary to what God desired of me. I was going in circles and ending up in the same place over and over again. I was allowing fear to seep in and to take over my mind. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection Fear of success. Just overall fear.

But no longer.

My inner lion is rising up!

Ep 29: Be Courageous

Fear is just an illusion that must be cast off. Instead of walking in fear, we are called to live as Joshua was commanded in Joshua 1:1-9. We are to be strong and courageous. When we understand that we are called, we must be willing to recognize that we have been prepared and equipped for our position. We must acknowledge that God's promises will not return void. We must press into God and follow His instructions for our lives.

Let's walk forward in Strength and Courage! 

If you are looking for a space to capture your thoughts to help you grow and expand, check out my new SOAR Journal.

Comment below and let us know a time a time when you let go of fear and allowed strength and courage to abide. 


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