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Power Steering Fluid

Over the course of a month, I was riding along in my car but something felt a little off. I felt a stiffness as I tried to turn the steering wheel in one direction or another. The resistance I felt was most noticeable when I put my car in reverse in an effort to change the direction of my focus. I did not say a word to anyone. Instead, I kept telling myself that I would get the car looked at. I would have it serviced. At a minimum, I would alert my husband so that he could get the issue resolved. And still, I said nothing. I did nothing.

Then one day, my husband was driving my car. Oops. The next day, I asked him to ride with me to run an errand. Without an explanation, he told me we needed to stop at a store for power steering fluid. At the time, I did not know why we were getting it and actually thought it was for the another vehicle we own. Once we got back to my apartment, he immediately got his keys to my car and poured the power steering fluid into the appropriate location under the hood of my car. It was just what my car in order to function properly in it true purpose. Who knew? Well, I guess my husband did because I certainly did not.

Immediately thereafter, the Holy Spirit whispered “I am your power steering fluid.”

This whisper came as I was reading ‘The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power’. The comparisons quickly started to come. The Holy Spirit is in an intimate relationship with God. He knows how to set us free from the bondage of sin, lack, lies, etc. The Holy Spirit can envelope us with a serenity and peace that we cannot develop on our own. The Holy Spirit is not a bully. He will not push His way into our lives. He will wait for us to welcome Him in. When we are ready, the Holy Spirit will flow in us and through us to edify us individually, to reveal God’s mysteries to us, or to make a difference in the lives of others, especially unbelievers.

Without the presence of the Holy Spirit within our lives, we grow rusty and stiff. We are unable to navigate life with ease. Without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we make the life process more challenging by moving outside of God’s will and His timing for us. Without the power of the Holy Spirit, we are unable to fully understand the mysteries of God and will not walk into the manifestation of God’s perfect will for our lives.

On the other hand, we must stop long enough to take a self inventory. We must take time to recognize that there is a specific plan and purpose for our lives that is not laid on the dashboard or in a global positioning system for us to just follow. Instead, we can receive the assistance of our power steering fluid, the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit is the water needed for our seeds to grow.

What are you doing to water your seeds?


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