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Spread Your Butterfly Wings

I heard it but did not believe it could happen. Until I actually felt it. I was walking off the elevator and out the door when it hit me. I was leaving the building without a piece of my heart 💔. The moment is indescribable. It was surreal. But I was ready. 

I had been silently preparing myself for a little over 17 years. Plans for my baby girl to leave the nest started on my 22nd birthday. I wanted to do something radical. I wanted to treat myself. So in September 2001 I decided to get a tattoo. It was my present to myself. My best friend took me down South Street and the journey began.

As I stood in the tattoo parlor, the very first image that caught my eye was a butterfly 🦋. Coincidence or not?! That was it! The seed was planted. A butterfly! The beautiful creation that goes through development phases before its’ beauty is realized. The creation that starts off as one thing but transitions into something different. The creation that is free to fly, soar, and bring peace.

On that day, I walked out with a single blue butterfly on my shoulder to represent my first born child. (The other two butterflies and the foliage came after the later born children.) From that moment, I proudly carried that butterfly on my back. She was destined to always be a special part of me. 

Today, that special part of me grew her wings in the flesh and began to fly. She has emerged from an egg (literally 😉), then transitioned into a caterpillar then into a chrysalis and is now a soaring butterfly. As she takes up her wings and flies, she is my reminder of what God expects from all of us.

The seed, or egg, that we begin as is not meant to be the thing we remain to be throughout our lifespan. We are intended to grow and evolve. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” God’s plans have already been set. Amongst many other things, He desires to prosper you. To proper, by definition, is to become strong and flourishing. That is what was designed for us. With a hedge of protection around us, our minds are able to desire more than what we can see. We are created to be forward focused instead of remaining stagnant. In other words, soaring butterflies 🦋! That is what we were created to be.
Are you spreading your butterfly wings?


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