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Releasing a Jonah Spirit

We made it to the end of 2019. The end of another year. The end of a new decade.

This is the start of a new beginning. We all have an opportunity to create the lifestyle that we want. The build the relationships we desire. To maintain our marriage and our families. To achieve our physical, mental, and spiritual goals. To obtain financial freedom. 

I appreciate that you have taken the to read my blog. I hope that you are encouraged, empowered, and inspired to receive all that life has to offer. I started this blog in September 2014. Wow! I can hardly believe it's been that long. I have recently been in a quiet season as I prepare an overhaul on this blog. Before I re-launch, I would like to hear from you. Please complete the survey so that I can have a better idea of how to serve you in 2020. It's our time to soar!

We are going higher and higher! In the same way that Jonah was unable to flee from his assignment, we are unable to flee from ours. In 2020 and beyond, we will abandon our Jonah spirits and will walk in the fullness of who we were created to be. Let's do this together! 


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A Small Tear

I could barely see.  My eyes felt itchy and irritated.  I thought I was tired from a full day of work. Sitting at a computer. Taking meetings with clients. Staff meetings. All the work of a typical Friday. But the day was not over. I still had an hour left in my two and a half hour drive down the two-lane, tree surrounded road to Tallahassee.  I was rubbing my eyes and blinking so much to stop the itch. Nothing was working. Nothing was soothing me.  I drove in discomfort as long as I could......then I reached my breaking point.  When I arrived at a stopping point in my travels, I removed my contact lenses. Before I replaced the contacts with glasses, I took a look at the lenses.  If only I would have recognized the signs sooner.... The left lens had a tear.  Side note: The thing I have yet to grasp is how a contact lens that is inside the eye gets a tear without even being touched. If you can explain how this happens, feel free to drop the knowledge i