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Connected & Committed

If a cop would have been behind me, I would have gotten stopped.

I was not speeding but I was definitely jumping from lane to lane. I was headed to see a client on my way to pick up the twins from school. I was on a road where there is some construction taking place, causing a detour. As I was coming off of the detour and back onto the main road, I turned into the lane closest to me. As I should, right?! As the I was following another car up a small hill, I felt like the other car was driving too slowly. I quickly jumped into the right lane as I was reaching the top of the hill. Then, guess what I saw. 

Now that I could see the other side of the hill, I found myself behind a city bus. Not where I wanted to be. I don't like riding behind large vehicles. And when I am rushing, I especially do not enjoy riding behind buses. Ultimately, I ended up in the left lane, right where I started. If only I could have seen the other side of that hill!

This immediately reminded me so much of life. We say we want something and start along a path to get it but then we get sidetracked. We get distracted. We get discouraged. We step out of alignment. We say we are committed to a cause but then we allow circumstances to disconnect us. 

No more distractions. No more doubt. It is time for us to use what we have to push our way to the finish line. We will certainly make it to the end but we can not give up. We can not predict what will happen on the other side of our uphill battle. We can not determine what will stand against us. But we can stay the course, no matter what. The route is already laid out for us.  We can stay connected. We can stay committed.  Until we reach our goal.

On the Beam Podcast - Ep. 24 Connected & Committed

What are you connected and committed to in this season? Drop a note below.


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