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Cross the Read Sea

I felt stuck!

I could not breathe in the situation I was in. I dreaded going to work. I would sit in my car for at least 20 minutes each day before I walked into the office. I felt micro-managed. I felt devalued. I felt unappreciated. I felt belittled. There were days when I would sit at my desk crying because I wanted out. It was a miserable feeling that last for months.  

I applied for other opportunities and for the first time ever, no doors opened. None of the positions I applied for became available to me. I wondered how such a loving God could allow me to feel so stuck. To feel like there was no where for me to go. No place for me to move forward to. I was poached from a position I was I had been in, reportedly because I was doing well in the position. That was good, right? I began to think it was a bad move. I began to think that my steps forward were not actually steps forward. I wanted to turn back but that was not an option. I felt stuck.

I felt like the Israelites as they approached the Red Sea. They could not go forward, yet they could not go back.

On the Beam Podcast - Ep 25: Rock & Hard Place

I prayed for a way out. 

Then it happened. I kept my ears open to new possibilities. I applied for positions that became available. Lo and bold, three options became available. Now that my Red Sea had parted, it was up to me to make the decision to take the necessary steps to go forward. I got unstuck and I moved. No looking back. I was not captured when I made it to other side. 

Although my journey is not complete and I have not yet made it to my final destination. I am so happy to know that there is always hope. Hope to make it out of being stuck in between a rock and a hard place.  Although the going sometimes gets rough, there is a way out. Although we can not always see how we will make it to the other side of a daunting situation, there is way through. Although we may feel like our past is haunting us, there is a way of escape.  

Stay the course and keep going forward. Your dry land is ahead of you!

Drop a comment to share a time you found yourself in between a rock and hard place. How did you get out?


  1. This my dear was the most POWERFUL statement “Stay the course and keep going forward. Your dry land is ahead of you!” because we spend so much time wondering 💭 if we are going in the right direction that we miss all the signs we were supposed to take for OUR exit.

    Thank you so much for the time you put into this post.


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