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Tap In

It broke my heart when she decided not to speak to me for as long as she did. But I survived. With each passing day, I got up and I kept going forward. I focused on the road ahead rather than the lack of support I received. I focused on my need to find my own and my own voice. I focused on the need to please myself rather than others. I focused on what my mind and heart spoke to me rather than what others spoke into me. 

I understand that the decision I made was the right decision for me. Was it an acceptable decision within my family construct? No. Was it the popular decision within my community? No. Yet, it was my life that was impacted by my decision and, therefore, it was my decision to me. My decision alone. It was a decision that I had to accept. One that I had to live with. One that I had to embrace. It was a decision that helped to shape me into the woman I am today. It was a decision that created the immediate family structure that I have today. It was a decision that equipped me to love, lead, listen, laugh, and even learn (ha) the way I do today. 

What if I would have allowed the opinion of others, especially someone so close to me, to impact my decision?! Where would I be? What would have become of my life? Would I be walking in my purpose? Would I be transforming into the person I was created and designed to be?

On the Beam Podcast - Ep 26: Open Mouth 
Ultimately, every decision we make either leads us to or pulls us from our pursuit of purpose. It is so important that we find the space and grace we need to listen to the still small voice that should be our guiding light. Instead of allowing people in the natural sense to impact our decisions, we must tap into the spirit. Even listening to those closest to us (our parents, our grandparents, others) may turn us away from purpose. Not everyone is meant to travel with you. Not everyone will understand your journey, your anointing, or you call. Tap in! Tap in to what is on the inside of you. Tap in to the ONE who is on the inside of you. He will guide you in the midst of the naysayers. He will guide you in the moments of uncertainty. He will guide you into your promised land. Tap in! 

Comment and share with us a time when you are glad you made a decision you made instead of listening to others.


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