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Thank you for stopping by this website. This site was created to provide a discussion of hope to those who are currently living "Life on the Beam." 

I'm sure you know "the beam." It's the place in your life where you try to balance all that life has to offer:

  • family, 
  • career, 
  • ministry, 
  • etc. 
In order to be successful while balancing on the beam, you must be 


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Happy New Year! I can hardly believe that we are at the top of 2019. That means we made it to another year. One of the things that I do at the end of every calendar year, or at the very, very, very beginning of a brand new calendar year, is take some time to reflect. As I spent some time reflecting on 2018, I specifically took time to reflect on my running journey.

It was such an amazing year. The highlights can be found on my running blog. In a nutshell, there were ups and downs. There were achievements and setbacks. But through it all, there was so many life-transforming moments. One specific date of reflection was October 30. It was a day of wounding, both physically and figuratively.

I had an evening event at work so I decided to start the day with a run. You know, I wanted to get my blood pumping early. The problem was that I waited late in the morning to start, so I decided to do a quick out and back 2-mile run. As I was nearing my finish, I was running at a pretty decent spe…