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Thank you for stopping by this website. This site was created to provide a discussion of hope to those who are currently living "Life on the Beam." 

I'm sure you know "the beam." It's the place in your life where you try to balance all that life has to offer:

  • family, 
  • career, 
  • ministry, 
  • etc. 
In order to be successful while balancing on the beam, you must be 


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Who is your Gnat??

The summer is upon us and you know what that means.

Well, sure. It could mean many things.

But for me, it means that gnats will be in the air. Buzzing around my head. Irritating me.

I am sure you are familiar with gnats. They are small two winged flies that resemble mosquito. Let's not even get started with mosquitos. 🙎

As for gnats, they seem to appear out of nowhere. They are always there when you are trying to enjoy the sunshine.

This is sometimes what we experience when we have overbearing individuals in our lives. Usually parents or loved ones. Maybe a supervisor. Sometimes, this can be your accountability partner.

If you need an accountability partner, click here. We all need one!
Please don't tell me I am the only person with an overbearing individual in my life? You know the one....

The person who consistently asks you about your day.
The person who constantly ask you about your goals.
The person who continuously shares opportunities with you.
The person who consciousl…