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Thank you for stopping by this website. This site was created to provide a discussion of hope to those who are currently living "Life on the Beam." 

I'm sure you know "the beam." It's the place in your life where you try to balance all that life has to offer:

  • family, 
  • career, 
  • ministry, 
  • etc. 
In order to be successful while balancing on the beam, you must be 


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The Lesson from the B

The B led me to a blessing......
The B word really is not a bad word. 
BUDGETS are such a blessing even though sometimes they feel like a curse. 
When the July budget was completed, it was zeroed out. This means that we intended for our checking account to hit $0 by the end of the month. 
When a budget hits $0 there is a likelihood that things can get tight, especially if you fail to account for something along the way. 
And of course, I failed to account for something. I failed to consider the need to travel down to Daytona Beach and back, not once but twice, during the month. ­čśô
Although it is not a long ride from Jacksonville to Daytona Beach, any vehicle used for travel would not be able to complete the mission on fumes alone. The 92-mile drive needed fuel for the four trips. 
That's when it happened. 
I stopped for gas and before I even made it to an open pump, the yellow signage immediately caught my attention. Yes, that is E85. According to Wikipedia, it is an ethanol blend…