Soaring Into Miracles

There is something magical about the month of December. Maybe I feel this way because I spend so much time watching Hallmark movies during this time of the year. And as you may or may not know, this is the time of year when every movie that is played begins with a skeptic and ends with someone believing. Believing in what? Good question. The skeptic always ends of believing in miracles.  The miracle of love. The miracle of happiness. The miracle of success.  No matter what the skeptic has dealt with in his or her life, they also end up with a change of heart. Each and every movie I watch draws me nearer to the cross. Why? Because the same miracles that cause a shift in the minds and hearts of the skeptics in the movies, are the same miracles that we see day to day when we open our own hearts and minds.  As I think back over my life, I think about all of the bouts of self doubt, and rejection, and shame that I carried for many years. Feelings of insignificance. Feelings of loneliness. F
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