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Get Uncomfortable

The true essence of life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  The last 72 hours have taught me that refinement rears it's form in the midst of discomfort. You see, it's in the place of discomfort where you really have an opportunity to see all that you're made of. It's the place where you stretch yourself. It's the place where you challenge yourself. It's also the place where you impress yourself.  I was given an opportunity to travel down to the city of Miami, which is much more urban than Tallahassee. I was in an uncomfortable place is deciding how to travel, where to stay, and what my budget could afford. So many decisions. So little time to process.  Along the journey, I learned so much. Here are just a few life lessons that I was reminded of: God is in control . God's plan has already been laid. Every detail is already set. Releasing control to God is necessary to seeing His promises fulfilled. You don't believe me? Check out