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Thoughts from the Air

Guest Blogger:  Oliver Green Today was one of the roughest days I've had over the last five (5) years at work. If you work in a place where they don't value your existence but they expect you to perform to the top of their expectations is very difficult.  Now don't get it twisted, I haven't always felt like I wasn't valued but when I opened my eyes 👀 and now I realize I am not just a supervisor but an asset to the squad even though I am not an asset to the team. It sounds kinda wanky so let me explain; my squad are people I directly have access to and can either pour into or drawl out of experiences. The team is the mother agency. "The White House" - they have their own world order but have failed to deliver the expectations to the workers.  You can't have a business and expect to have a quality product but don't have clear expectations MADE KNOW but in the same breath want to hold them accountable for those uncommunicated expectati

The Ride of Temptation

Who doesn't look forward to going to the Fair or Amusement Parks? There's so much to see, eat, and do. One of my favorite rides was the Gravitron. It's the ride where you lean up against the wall on a padded My favorite ride: The Gravitron panel. Once the ride starts, your get "sucked into" the padded panel, your feet leave the floor and you spin around in circles. You aren't holding on to anything and there's nothing supporting your feet. I remember trying to pull myself off the wall during the ride, but I was "sucked" back in. I couldn't move. Even trying to lift up a leg took lots of energy. This ride reminds me of temptation. Temptation has sucked me in, taken control over me, and made me feel powerless. This doesn't have to be you. Take heed of these three things: 1.  Temptation will come . Yes, even to you. You are not exempt from being tempted. You might not fall prey to the serpent, but he's coming. Be ready! 1