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Up and down the road! I have learned the road markers. Exit 350. Exit 303. Exit 283. Exit 251. Exit 225. I know exactly how long it should take me to get from point A to point B. I know where the rest areas are located for my pit stops.  These are some of the things that February taught me. After all, I CHOSE to apply for a job in Jacksonville. I CHOSE to accept a job two to three hours away from my family. I CHOSE to keep my family at the forefront of everything I do.  We all have choices that we are required to make each day. Some are harder than others. For every choice, there are positive considerations but also negative consequences. No one else's situation is quite like yours so do not allow other people to influence your choices. Stand on Proverbs 16:9 which says, " In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps."  Only YOU, with God's guidance, can decide what choice is right for YOU. Just know that when you make

The Hidden Wing

"Where are you headed?" "Columbus." "Columbus, Ohio?" "No. Columbus, Georgia." I had never been to Columbus, Georgia. In fact, I had never heard of it. Imagine my surprise when I learned that there was an airport there?  In spite of my shock, I was so excited. There's nothing my God can not do  ♬  When I booked my flight from the West Coast back to the East Coast, I purposefully set myself up to fly into Columbus, Georgia. After boarding at 10:40pm for an 11:00pm departure from San Francisco, we safely arrived in Atlanta as scheduled at 6:22am.  When I looked for my connecting flight, I saw that the status was listed as " At Gate ." I was having an internal panic attack. What exactly did that mean? Perhaps it meant there was an indeterminate delay. I walked up to the gate and looked out the window but didn't see anything and there was no attendant present. After taking a short walk to pull myself together, I return

Riding a Bike

I was like a giddy little girl in the candy shop. You know the one. The little girl waiting with expectation for a treat. It had been a little over three years since I stepped foot into a courtroom to make an argument before the judge. The feelings started to come back to me. I approached the courthouse and entered with my head held high. I knew that I was going up to the second floor but I didn't really know what courtroom to go into. The bailiff who sat outside the courtroom was a little intimidating. So I took a seat and collected my thoughts. Where was I supposed to be? If I were handling a case, would I be this timid? I watched someone walk up to a courtroom behind a sign that read "Quiet Please" and she entered confidently. I took a deep breathe and I followed suit. Not knowing where to sit, I just slid in the back. Humble. I observed what I could then went on my way. I returned to courthouse the next day. This time, I was even more confident. I went into the co

22 Minutes

Mapquest said it would take 22 minutes to get home. You know what that meant? It meant that at the latest, I would get home by 6:00pm. Whoa!! That was way too early. What was I supposed to from 6:00pm until I went to bed? No pick up or drop off. No dinner to cook. No one to cuddle with. No one’s jokes to laugh at. Of course, there were things to do. I could read by book. I could binge watch old tv shows. I could write in my journal. I could blog. I could take a nap. Yes, there was plenty to do. But I didn’t want to do any of that. I wanted to be home with my family. I wanted to follow the routine I had been used to following. But no. I could not do that. I had to remain uncomfortable.   See, I made a choice. I chose to accept this position. I chose to live away from my family. With every choice comes a consequence. Tonight, my consequence was being lonely. Luckily, loneliness is not a curse. Being alone presents an opportunity to redefine self and circumsta


It wasn't that long ago when I shut my office door and dropped to my knees. Tears streaming down my face. I had only been in the office for 30 minutes. Boy, was my day off to a great start. No. There was no family emergency. No. I did not receive a negative report from a doctor. No. My protective, blue nosed pit was not harmed. I was simply in a work environment that was no longer healthy for me. I felt stuck. I felt broken. I felt empty. How much more could I endure? There was no way out. I prayed that God would release me. I asked God to give me strength. I asked him to keep me covered. I prayed that God would restore me. My confidence was shaken. My passion was stifled. I was on life’s hampster wheel. I was going in circles but making absolutely no progress. I felt like I was always wrong. I felt like I was often judged. My voice was not heard. I felt unqualified. I made it through that day. And then the next day. I learned to take each day, one d