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Forgive Those You Love

" You are choosing to leave. " WOW! I did not see or hear that coming. These words hit me and hit me hard. I mean I felt the depth of those words down in the core of my soul. It was at that moment that I realized I hurt her. I was letting her down. This is an all too familiar story. A story where our loved ones let us down. A story where our loved ones fail to meet our expectations. A story where our loved ones make choices that we do not agree with. Who are our loves ones? They can be our immediate family members - parents and siblings. They can be our extended family members - grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. They can be our spiritual family members - pastors and church members. They can be our friends - childhood connections, workout partners, fraternal connections. These are the people who we love and trust the most. The people who we expect to love us back. The people who we expect to show us their love for us. The people we expect to be t

I Can't Wait Until

Be careful what you ask for! It is true what they say about the grass.... "I can't wait until I get married." "I can't wait until I get my degree." "I can't wait until I get that promotion." "I can't wait until I get approved to buy a house." "I can't wait until I have a baby." "I can't wait until my child walks." "I can't wait until my child talks." "I can'r wait until my child goes to school." "I can't wait until my child ( you fill in the blank )." .....this list goes on and on! Have you ever gotten caught up with the thoughts of I can't wait until... I certainly did. And oh how I quickly learned that some things CAN wait. I do not mean to suggest that I think any of those things are bad, but... Things can unravel rather quickly...             Make-up                                  First date                                

Who is your Gnat??

The summer is upon us and you know what that means. Well, sure. It could mean many things. But for me, it means that gnats will be in the air. Buzzing around my head. Irritating me. I am sure you are familiar with gnats. They are small two winged flies that resemble mosquito. Let's not even get started with mosquitos. 🙎 As for gnats, they seem to appear out of nowhere. They are always there when you are trying to enjoy the sunshine. This is sometimes what we experience when we have overbearing individuals in our lives. Usually parents or loved ones. Maybe a supervisor. Sometimes, this can be your accountability partner. If you need an accountability partner, click here. We all need one! Please don't tell me I am the only person with an overbearing individual in my life? You know the one.... The person who consistently asks you about your day. The person who constantly ask you about your goals. The person who continuously shares opportunities with you. The p

Time for YES

It was time for a YES! The moment was scary and exciting, both at the same time. It was a YES moment. A moment of forward movement. A moment of commitment. A moment of faith. It was time for another YES. This one was different than the last YES. (Don't miss that...there will be more than one YES!) The last YES was to accept the position. (To which I almost said NO 😥) This YES was to sign a lease. But it was so much more than that..... This YES was to commit to the position for a full year. This YES was to commit to live a part from my family for a year. This YES was to commit to wholeheartedly follow the One who orders my steps. Saying YES is not always easy, but is often necessary. To say YES, you may be required to say NO. To say YES, you may hurt someone's feelings. To say YES, you may have to step out on faith. To say YES, you may experience some growing pains. To say YES, you may be forced outside your comfort zone. Like the songwriter sa