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Persevere Under Trial

I could hear the tears through the phone.  It was test out day for the Lifeguard training class. There was  a written test as well as a water skills test. Both sections were required to be completed at an above average passage rate in order for the student to graduate to full lifeguard status.  Not only were two questions missed on the written test but there was a deficiency in the water skills exam.  Good news..... There was an opportunity to retest on the following day. 😀 Bad news..... The retest was a futile attempt. 😞 After missing the same two questions on the written portion, there was no opportunity or need to retest on the water skills. I'm sure you can guess what happened next. Yep, there was the internal struggle of do I retake the entire course and test again OR do I cut my losses and move on? Many of us end up at this crossroad. We get here when we feel like we have given our all to something and did not achieve the result we hoped f

No Plan B

A new year, a new challenge, a new topic. The political climate that is among us is wrought with pain from the senseless mass school shootings that are occurring. It is time to speak up and speak out. But before we can truly affect change, we must spend time researching the issues. We must know where we have been, understand where we are, and be willing to provide a solution to where we can go. Several students came out to share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas. And then it happened.... She won 1st place in the Oratorical Contest. She did not win because her topic or ideas were unique. I venture to say she won because of her poise and confidence. This was her third year competing and yet, there was something different. You see, from the day she decided  to participate, she claimed a 1st place victory. She did not waiver in her desire. She did not waiver in her request. She did not waiver in her goal. She put a demand  on her expectation and she ditched her a

Time to Shine

"It doesn't look like much, but this lamp gives me all the light I need." I found myself telling this to a friend who visited my barren apartment. There is not much pomp and circumstance throughout the apartment. It is just enough for me to do what I am here to do. Work. Write. Run. Sleep. Eat. And, of course, Bathe. For a split second, I felt a tinge of shame or embarrassment overtake me. We were staring at a lamp that I have had for YEARS. It was a lamp that I saw sitting in the hallway, outside of my home office. It was out of place. Yet, it was in the perfect place. It was sitting there. Unused. It was time to dust it off.  But why? There was not even a lamp shade. Any embarrassment I felt only lasted for a second. I quickly reminded myself that this was a supplement. There is an overhead light in the room but this was just a little something extra. Something to give me light when I need it the most. When I am in a place a comfort. When I am in a place o