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A Small Tear

I could barely see. 

My eyes felt itchy and irritated. 

I thought I was tired from a full day of work. Sitting at a computer. Taking meetings with clients. Staff meetings. All the work of a typical Friday. But the day was not over. I still had an hour left in my two and a half hour drive down the two-lane, tree surrounded road to Tallahassee. 

I was rubbing my eyes and blinking so much to stop the itch. Nothing was working. Nothing was soothing me. 

I drove in discomfort as long as I could......then I reached my breaking point. 

When I arrived at a stopping point in my travels, I removed my contact lenses. Before I replaced the contacts with glasses, I took a look at the lenses. 

If only I would have recognized the signs sooner....

The left lens had a tear. 

Side note: The thing I have yet to grasp is how a contact lens that is inside the eye gets a tear without even being touched. If you can explain how this happens, feel free to drop the knowledge in the comment section.

In any event, this reminds me of a simple truth in life: There will always be something unexpectant that comes into our lives to throw us off our path to success. 

Just remember to:
  • Keep moving until you can no longer move. We encounter so many tests. If we quit too soon, we may miss the lesson that will help to prepare us for next. Romans 5:3-4
  • Be open to the shift. When a season is over, it is over. Do not hold onto something that you are meant to let go. Move as the spirit leads. Ecclesiastes 3:1
  • Stay vigilant. Know what is going on around you, but also within you, at all times. The Holy Spirit will speak but will must be in position to hear.  1 Kings 19:12


  1. Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog. I am inspired, encouraged and motivated to action!

  2. Powerful. Thank you for sharing!

  3. The three point have been powerful since I've read them as they have been some of the things I've heard over the last 48 hours, Thank you for the reinforcement.

    Now as for the contact lens these things are man made and well, we all know that unless GOD has his hand in it, it WILL break eventually. I like to think of it as GOD's way of letting us know WHO is on TOTAL control and WHO we need to put our TRUST in.

    1. Thanks for this encouragement. Miss you Sis. I read in your article that you were driving back to Tallahassee. Kind of funny I haven’t seen you sense you left🤔😂😂. Love you and continue to be inspired to inspire others!

  4. Points 2 &3 received. Be prepared for the shift with prayer. One will experience discomfort. Trust and believe as you look back and say "BUT GOD!"
    Your blog give me a chance to slow it down. Thanks Marquita😊


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