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Back to School

My timeline was flooded with back to school pictures today. 🤦🏽

For a brief moment, I took a mental journey back in time. Would I like to go:
- back to elementary school? Sure thing. 👍🏽
- back to middle school? Maybe. 🤔
- back to high school? No, thank you! 🙅🏽

Have you ever taken time to look back on your journey to see what shaped you into the person you are today? There are so many factors including home and community. But what about school? Think about the number of hours per day kids spend in school. It is just like our jobs. ALL day! The things that youth are exposed to at school have a heavy influence on them and can impact the people they become. 

Money. Sex. Gangs. Drugs. Violence. Sexual preferences. Identity Crises. Poor Attitudes. Pornography. Sexual perversion. The list can go on. These are some of the seeds that were planted in many of us at early ages. I personally saw a little of everything. During my school-age years, there was so much innocence. That is, until there wasn't. I older I got, the more I saw. In an effort to explore and fit in, I dibbled and dabbled into several things. Planted seeds.

Self-worth. Self-esteem. Confidence. Boldness. Security. Positive decision-making. Critical thinking skills. I'm sure there are more things that can be added to this list, but as it usually happens, the negatives often outweigh the positives. In some cases, there were/are more bad seeds planted than there were/are good seeds. 

Thankfully, all seeds contain food. In order words, seeds inherently have nutrients that support the reproduction process. How those seeds are nurtured will make a difference in how those seeds grow roots. Proverbs 22:6 gives us an example of how to nurture needs. It tells us to "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

Although I am not interested in returning to my high school years, the experiences I had during that time help me to better understand my obligation to those coming behind me. An obligation to train them. To teach younger generations how to place high value of themselves. To model positive decision-making in the midst of crappy situations. To demonstrate confidence and boldness in thoughts and actions. An obligation to plant good seed.

What seeds are you planting into the next generation?


  1. I believe I am planing the seed of No Limits in my children. Letting them know and making them AWARE there do not have to conform to the ways of the world and definitely not anything I did as a kid or in my years leading up to NOW.

    I believe that we need to continue to BUILD the youth of today UP because they are the LEADERS of tomorrow. Training child seems easy to say but with, as you mentioned, all the distractions the youth have to face, the training process MUST start at home giving them a STRONG Foundation.


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