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Change Agents

Growing up in a low income neighborhood 🎶 in West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days🎶, I saw lots of things happening around me. And I took every bit of it in. Hopefully you caught the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. If not, 🤷🏽! At any rate, I saw enough to spark a fire within me. I knew there was more than what surrounded me and I wanted more. I wanted everything that was available to me. And...I wanted to make sure others could see all that was available to them.

This seed that was planted within me was like every other seed. It had a seed coat that covered the seed and protected it during the growth process. You see, while I was still in high school, God planted the seed of vision within me. Based on the circumstances that surrounded me, a desire for change filled my heart. And that seed began to take root. While still under it's protective seed coat, the seed was watered regularly. Summer camps. Mentors. Community service opportunities. Watered seeds. With the proper amount of water, seeds get soaked and expand. Expansion is just another form of growth. That's exactly what happened with this seed.

In the same way that David prayed in Psalm 20:4, someone was praying that for me; "May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed." Every professional move I've made since 2001 has been attached to that seed and have reproduced more seed. Seeds scattered over various positions. Mental Health Specialist. Seed. Behavioral Health Case Manager. Seed. Social Service Coordinator. Seed. Community Stakeholder Administrator. Seed. Juvenile Justice Program Supervisor. Seed. Employment Investigator. Seed. Child Welfare Attorney. Seed. Judicial Educator. Seed. All with a focus on being a change agent.
Affirmation on My Mirror since 3/24/04

Change is inevitable but we do not always like and/or trust the process. Change is hard. It forces us to do something different than what we know. We have the power to change our circumstances. We have the power to get unstuck. We have to power to push beyond pains of the past to walk into a brighter future. Change. Sometimes, we need someone to help push us in the right direction. Someone to help us stay accountable to ourselves. Someone to help us see the silver lining. 

That's where a change agent comes into play. A change agent is that person that assists with the change process. Someone who is dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. Someone who will keep you accountable, on track, and will not allow you to give up. Someone who believes in you when you don't believe in yourself. Someone who helps you up when you fall. Someone who stands by you in sunshine and in rain. Someone who speaks truth to you even in the midst of chaos. Someone who sees the end at the beginning and sticks by you until to reach your destination. Someone who encourages you beyond your past, hurts, fears, and scars. Someone who walks with you through seasons of change. Change agent!

Who is the change agent in your life? Who are you a change agent for?


  1. "Change is inevitable but we do not always like and/or trust the process." I would have to say My Spouse is my change agent. She has had a way for YEARS to make me or Keep me on track if I say I really wanted whatever it is I have said I wanted. I have people that I look up to today that have made changes in their lives and the lives of others (Kendall, Eric, Pierre, Larry) and not in the order that I wrote them down.


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