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Time to Plant

I remember it all so well. I was in tears during the weeks leading up to Year 30. I was absolutely devastated. I was about to be "old" and I did not want any parts of it. I wanted to stay "young" forever. I just knew that my life was about to end or, at the very least, be drab and boring. I was in absolute denial. I did not want anyone to know that I was turning thirty. The big 3.0. Whoa! I even began to question my accomplishments. I felt like I had not done enough. I had not made a name for myself. I was not ready to move on. But there was nothing I could do to stop the time. Time was moving forward whether I liked it or not. 🤦🏽

Looking back over the past decade, I can honestly say that my thirties was my planting season. Ecclesiastes 3:2 reminds me that there is "a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot."

What happens during a planting season? It is a season of life, a span of time, when seeds are placed in the ground so that they will grow. Seeds are units of reproduction. They start often very small. So small that people may not always know what will come of the seed once it grows. When a seed is placed in the ground, it is covered by dirt and soil. It is from the dirt and soil that a seed pulls its nutrients. (So a seed must be covered by good soil.) Paired with water and warmth, a seed germinates or grows underground. So while no longer visible to the naked eye, seeds are growing roots and taking on a new form.  
Unbeknownst to me, intangible seeds were being planted within me at the very moment I was agonizing over the growth process. But growth is inevitable. Done properly, growth takes time. It is a process. Over the last ten years, so many thoughts, feelings, attitudes, opportunities, even people, have been added to and also stripped away from my life. The growth process. I have experienced highs and lows. The growth process. I have even been uprooted and replanted. The growth process.

Although we can not always see the things that are happening in and around us at the moment that things are happening, it is all a part of the growth process. It is a part of God's timing. We must accept it and embrace it. It is just a season. A season that will pass.

Have you experienced a planting season? What is your best tip on how to get through that season?  


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