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Our Anchor

The theme of "the family" flows throughout the Fast & Furious film series. Have you ever noticed that God can use the little things to shape our minds and our focus. Even while watching this film described to be "largely concerned with illegal street racing, heists, and spies" there are underlying lessons to be gleaned. Many of us know that the number seven (7) symbolizes completion. We even see this in Furious 7 , as Vin Diesel (Toretto) is having a conversation with Paul Walker (Brian) and says "One last ride!". In this film, one of the main characters embraces a change in his life. A change that requires a sacrifice. A change that requires letting go. You see, when we begin to shift our position in life, some of the things we used to do will no longer serve us and we will have to let them go. A new position will sometimes require us to find Our Anchor and lock it in. On the Beam Podcast - Ep. 13: Our Anchor When we are anchored in the

Our Father

June is the month of the MAN. One of my husband's favorite movie series is Fast & Furious . The movie is so action packed, yet is also thought provoking at the same time. There is lots of comedy mixed into a dramatic theme. Throughout this month, I will be dissecting various aspects of this movie as homage to the men in my life. Follow the journey with me. There is no surprise that as we were watching the Fast & Furious 8 , I was drawn into the idea of family. In this season of uncertainty, this is the prime time for a new beginning. The prime time for families to come back together. Regardless of what has come in to tear the family apart, to destroy the bond, this is the season to make an uncommon move and return back to the thing that matters the most. On the Beam Podcast - Ep. 12: Our Father   Watching the Fast & Furious 8 made me think of the role of the men in our lives and their involvement within our families. Men serve as protectors, supporter