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Our Anchor

The theme of "the family" flows throughout the Fast & Furious film series. Have you ever noticed that God can use the little things to shape our minds and our focus. Even while watching this film described to be "largely concerned with illegal street racing, heists, and spies" there are underlying lessons to be gleaned.

Many of us know that the number seven (7) symbolizes completion. We even see this in Furious 7, as Vin Diesel (Toretto) is having a conversation with Paul Walker (Brian) and says "One last ride!". In this film, one of the main characters embraces a change in his life. A change that requires a sacrifice. A change that requires letting go. You see, when we begin to shift our position in life, some of the things we used to do will no longer serve us and we will have to let them go. A new position will sometimes require us to find Our Anchor and lock it in.

On the Beam Podcast - Ep. 13: Our Anchor

When we are anchored in the right things, that anchor creates a rock solid hold. When anchored, there is nothing that can pull us away or separate us from that thing. When we allow the men in our lives to assume their God-given role and purpose, they will serve as an anchor of the family. This becomes possible when we properly accept Christ as the anchor of our lives. This anchor is important because it will allow us to remain grounded no matter what comes our way. This anchor will allow us to have a rock solid foundation. A faith foundation. A foundation that will allow us to see strength, growth, and manifestation even beyond our greatest imagination. Check your anchor and make sure it's secure.

Drop a comment and let me know how you define the anchor in your life.


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