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I'm a sap for a good love story!

My favorite channel is Hallmark. There's always a love story to be seen there. Well, I changed it up a little and decided to revisit the movie "I'm in Love with a Church Girl." I loved watching how opposites attract. When two people with different backgrounds fell in love, they began to shape each others lives. The things that were bitter began to shed and the things that were fruitful began to grow. A past of bad decisions was erased and a future of light became reality.

I realize that this is what happens in our walk with Christ. When we decide to commit ourselves and our ways to something bigger than ourselves, then the world truly becomes our oyster. This movie was a gentle reminder that no matter what our current circumstances look like, they do not necessarily dictate our future. That's good news.

There is a good feeling knowing that there are angels of light surrounding us when we are in our darkest moments. There are angels of light to help guide us along life's journey. There are even times when we are used at the guiding light. John 1:5 tells us "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."

I am thankful that there have been people around me to love me enough to pull me out of my dark places; to pull me out of my mess. People to remind me of right from wrong. People to warn me of the destruction my decisions could bring if I kept making them. People who refused to watch me go on a downward spiral. People who pushed me to be a better me.

Comment below and let us know who has helped to shine light in any dark places of your past.


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