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Sight Unseen

"Are you sure about this?"

My husband and I heard this question over and over as we made our final preparations to relocate from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Tallahassee, Florida. This journey was fourteen years ago when my oldest daughter was five years ago and the youngest daughters were nine months old. 

We were headed to a new city with no family and no friends. We did not know ANYONE. We were going to be hundreds of miles from everything and everyone we knew. We were unmarried and had three small children. We barely had a place to stay and our income was slashed to less than half.

But we had the ONE thing that mattered. Sure, we had each other and yes, that was important. But we had something better than that. We had FAITH. We were living and believing 2 Corinthians 5:7 that says, "For we live by faith, not by sight."

On the Beam Podcast Ep 23: Man v. God

We could not see what was immediately in front of us. When we left Philadelphia, we had no idea where we would live. We had no idea if we would be safe living in areas we could afford. We had no idea how our finances would sustain us. We had no idea what school options we would ultimately have. We had no idea who would care for the twins during such a vulnerable time when they were too young to speak up for themselves.  

None of that stopped us. None of those uncertainties kept us from moving forward. Although we were unable to see what our future would look like, we stayed true to our purpose, true to our call. We trusted God that sent us. We trusted that God prepared the way for us. We trusted that God would sustain us. God has shown himself trustworthy through and through. In the same way He has kept us, He has and will keep you. 

Comment below and let us know an area where you allowed your faith to stand beyond what you could see.


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