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Rescued After Enough

Tossing and turning all night makes for a hectic day when the sun arises.

I have experienced this day too many times. One would think I would get the point by now. For me this happens because I am subconsciously processing out how to make something happen. I lose sleep when I try to substitute my own judgment for that of the One who created me.
I have been getting in my own way and it is time for me to stop. I have gotten in my own way within my relationships. I have caused some relationships to end prematurely. I let go of some relationships too quickly. I allowed my mind and my emotions to take over. Most recently, I have gotten in my own way within my finances. I was looking for ways of making quick money .... and lots of it. Why? Just because. I realized I was getting in my own way because I began to compromise myself. I began to become mentally drained trying to figure out how to make this extra money.

The question is: was it in God's plan for me to earn this extra money in this way?
I finally had enough! I finally got to a point when I was tired of feeling drained. I was tired of losing sleep. I was tired of running in circles mentally. Once I realized that God was not in my situation, I backed out. He waited for me to get out of the way then stepped in and rescued me.

Drop a comment and let me when you last found yourself in your Enough Moment. Then think about how He rescued you and share your rescue with me.

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