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Identity Crisis

Being alone does not always equal being lonely. I was recently reminded of this fun fact. I was hosting a walk with a few women in the community. There were three other women scheduled to walk with me. That is, up until the day of the walk. One person sent an email to let me know she could not attend. As I excitedly awaited for the other two women to show up, time slowly began to pass by. I quickly realized that I was on a solo walk. What would you have done? Some people would have left the area and returned home to kick back and relax. Others would have continued along the path and walked the course alone.  I decided to take the latter approach. After all, I was already there and dressed to walk. I figured I might as well enjoy the fresh air and complete the mission. As I was walking, there was such a peace all around me. I was free to just exist. I was free of distractions. I was free to focus on me.  I walked throughout the trail and as I walked, I encountered a visit from the Holy