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Identity Crisis

Being alone does not always equal being lonely. I was recently reminded of this fun fact. I was hosting a walk with a few women in the community. There were three other women scheduled to walk with me. That is, up until the day of the walk. One person sent an email to let me know she could not attend. As I excitedly awaited for the other two women to show up, time slowly began to pass by. I quickly realized that I was on a solo walk. What would you have done? Some people would have left the area and returned home to kick back and relax. Others would have continued along the path and walked the course alone. 

I decided to take the latter approach. After all, I was already there and dressed to walk. I figured I might as well enjoy the fresh air and complete the mission. As I was walking, there was such a peace all around me. I was free to just exist. I was free of distractions. I was free to focus on me. 

I walked throughout the trail and as I walked, I encountered a visit from the Holy Spirit. We began conversing about my identity. I began to ask why I always felt so alone. I began to wonder why I often felt left out. I remembered the feelings of rejection I carried in my past. It was at that moment that I was reminded of Jeremiah 1:5, which says, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations." I was also reminded that my identity was already established and that I was set apart for a purpose. The Holy Spirit was sure to whisper a question to me. He asked, 'Who are you?' I immediately thought of the roles I have, wife, mother, attorney, etc. He stopped me and said, 'No. Those are titles. If the titles were stripped away, who would you say you are?' 
On the Beam Podcast - Ep 32: Adjustment Bureau

This stumped me. Far too often, many of us define ourselves by the roles, titles, and positions that we are placed in. However, we fail to recognize that there is a internal, spiritual DNA within us. Before I was out of the woods, the Holy Spirit told me, 'Others could not have rejected you because they did not know you. In fact, you did not know you.' This was a prompt for me to get to know my true identity. I believe this is also a prompt for you. Before you go another step, make sure you spend time pressing into God and His word. Spend time allowing Him to reveal your true identity to you. It is in your spiritual DNA that your calling and purpose is awaiting to be fulfilled. 

Drop a note below and let me know who you are, who you REALLY are.

If you are looking for a space to identify your identity, order your SOAR Journal today. There you will have the space, grace, and empowerment you need to understand your true identity.


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